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Pardoned or Commuted on 1/19/21 

Michael Thompson-420,John Knock-420,Corvain Cooper-420,Michael Pelletier-420,Craig Cesal-420,Jimmy Romans-420,Lavonne Roach Robert Francis-Non Violent Drugs,Brian Simmons-420,David Barren-Non Violent Drugs,Hal Knudson Mergle-LSD,Way Quoe Long-420 

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 “Lifers”is a six part, 55 minute, documentary series that   focuses on people that are currently serving life without   parole in the American justice system for cannabis. We   have added all non-violent drug war prisoners to our   documentary! The first episode of the documentary   focuses on prisoners that have served unusually long   criminal sentences for cannabis-related crimes, and   industry advocates/leaders in the cannabis community   that have strong beliefs to releasing people that are   serving time in prison for cannabis-related crimes. We   will also show off our footage from our interview in June   2015 with Jeff Mizanskey inside the Missouri State   Correctional Center. Jeff Mizanskey was a victim of the   War On Drugs/ Three- Strike Policy, which kept him from   freedom and behind bars for 21 years and 9 months. Jeff   Mizanskey is free now as of Sept, 01, 2015. Thank You   Governor Nixon.


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I Found Spirituality got me thru my time in Prison.                 I believed I was a reporter embedded inside with the troops as well…

- Tommy Chong

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