Dear Obama, on your way out, federally legalize Marijuana

By state, over half of the Country believes in Medical Marijuana. Yet the DEA still says it provides ZERO medical use. This is a blatant lie as there is insurmountable proof of its benefits. It just shows the disgusting corruption that is the DEA.

Not to mention the taxes to be gained from legalization. CO is proof it works and they are putting money into schools to show for it.

Please help us gain our freedom back from this corrupt administration. Please help us stop their lies and bring freedom of choice and medicine to the whole country.

As a lame duck, do whatever you can to end the prohibition please.

Among other great things you will be remembered as the President who stood in the face of adversity, the backwards DEA, took a stand, and finally ended the prohibition on Marijuana. You would be a savior to many sick families and a hero to everyone else.

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