Greetings from Matt Monarch!

The 24 hour countdown begins…

Several people, natural health care practitioners, and other businesses that have a stake in the CBD oil industry have mailed in concerned that I am doing something unethical here by providing the public with this information. I can assure you that my motives are not greed or gaining revenue, but that you should actually have an effective product in your house when they stop and say nobody is allowed to sell CBD anymore. In fact, I’m putting my neck on the line here sharing this information…!

The people who are invested into this financially do not want to hear the logistics in what the DEA is actually saying. They are all relying on Youtube videos that are going around, which states there are federal laws that the DEA cannot bypass and that the 9th circuit court that establishes industrial hemp with less than .3% THC to be fully legal throughout the United States. The hemp industry is planning on opposing this through combined legal action, however we all know that once the DEA and the FDA take action, it has immediate effect, which is tomorrow. In our experience, after the cut off tomorrow, investigations will start on people and businesses that continue the sale of CBD products. They are at risk of being heavily fined and or shut down.

There is no getting around this…

As soon as a single component is isolated and then extracted, it falls under a new dietary ingredient. Unless a product is grandfathered, legally sold in the USA prior to 1994, If its not a food ingredient, it falls under either a new dietary ingredient or a new drug. Hemp oil is considered a food ingredient and it is totally legal. However, CBD isolated has been ruled not to be legal, whether it is derived from hemp or not.

Therefore, the DEA moved it to Schedule 1, a drug… an isolated component to which everybody is making claims on! You are allowed to press hemp oil, but as soon as you isolate components and extract it, then it is the creation of a new drug. For example, you can take the entire hoodia plant but you can’t just isolate and extract the active component P57 out of it or it would be illegal, and there are many other products that would be the same way. This is effectively what the DEA is saying… and… Right on the Government Federal Register at the link here, the effective date that CBD Oil becomes illegal is tomorrow. It doesn’t get more clear than that!

We have an obligation to keep our company running, because we provide people with many other high quality products, which people rely on to improve their health and healing. We as a company cannot lawfully and legally continue to sell this product beyond 11:45PM Pacific Standard time on January 13th (tomorrow). You now have about 24 hours to get the best 100% Raw CBD Oil in the world. Right at 11:45PM tomorrow night we are taking it down and we will never sell it again. I’m giving you the last opportunity to have this ridiculously awesome product in your house before it’s illegal…

It is a sad day for America when a natural compound that has been in use for hundreds of years becomes classified as a drug… Amazon, Facebook, and Google are already in compliance and no longer allow advertising or the sales of these products on their websites. To be clear, you can still talk about it on your Facebook pages and Google Plus accounts, but you can’t sell or advertise it.

CBD Oil will be considered illegal tomorrow!

People and companies are all relying on this 9th circuit, which is a complete joke when it comes to the DEA and FDA. Maybe some of you remember Louis Daniel Smith who continued to sell MMS after it was deemed illegal by the FDA? He’s now in jail.

Trust me, you want to get as much of this ridiculously awesome truly 100% Raw CBD Oil as you can right now!

In 24 hours it will be gone forever.