Lifers is so proud to have this NEWS!!! We will be arranging an interview soon!

Linda Byrnes who has served over 22 years for pot is FINALLY GOING TO HALF-WAY house. I want to thank Tracie Gloor-Pike who has been the best Guardian Angel anyone could ever dream off and has helped Linda every step of the way. That what activism and LOVE is all about – these prisoners are so appreciative and it’s honestly the LEAST we can do for them! Here is Linda’s message: Amy, Praise the Lord….yes, I am going to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I don’t know when yet…had just gotten my “Exit Summary” done yesterday
and have to go to the Unit Manager, as don’t have a Case Manager…gone with the wind.

Unit Manager is out until next week but you believe I am on this one…I am so grateful
that this step is over with…the light is just coming through now…Thank God..

I am so excited…I couldn’t hardly sleep last night thinking about seeing my family..
and my grand daughter who is sick…Praise the Lord.

I am sick about the inmates that didn’t get any help…no one knows the pain of this…linda
Thank you for emailing me…