Lifers The Movie Says Please END GLOBAL Prohibition and allow all to have CBD to be made legal and free to assist in Healing So many Dis-Eases and ailments.

So Football Fans the absurdity of my morning’s post began while I woke up with a Sports jones for a bit of Seahawks Web radio and to my surprise I find not one but 2 ads on a Sports web-site promoting 12th man Gin, Vodka and Bourbon. What the heck. our Livers can not process fried foods let alone Alcohol and CBD was just made a Schedule One Drug officially in America.

So I am shocked already now for days since the DEA and FDA made the plant marijuana’s CBD compound federally illegal, while Alcohol remains legal. Most of you know me Jeff Eichen also as Mr. Rawgers. I travel Globally interviewing Raw food and Non-GMO establishments and Food Serving establishments. I am not a fan of the majority of the Standard American Diet, but come on folks 12th man Alcohol.

How many of my friends and relatives have passed on to the other-side from Cancer.

I myself struggle with enough consistent Live and beneficial foods even now as I am healing from Frostbite I got in North Dakota at Standing Rock. We mostly know better.

And to be bombarded by Ads glamorizing, delicious and tempting foods and drinks which benefit nothing but our minds and confused our brainwashed decisions for food choices, erks my core.

I and Mr. Rawgers are amazed and do not make many blanket statements about your personal choices for diet, thoughts and legalization of certain beneficial naturally grown plants, but today I am begging to share and show  exactly what I have found as being an absurd moment in time and History for me this morning.


Please END GLOBAL Prohibition NOW!!!

Remember MARIJUANA= paper, fiber, fuel, medicine and food.

ART = Responsability